Real World Experience, Not Rhetoric

Real World Experience, Not Rhetoric

Fifth Annual Elevate Pro-Business Scorecard

Rapid City, SD – The fifth annual Elevate Rapid City Pro-Business scorecard tracked the votes on 18 key bills that Elevate took a stance on during the 2024 Legislative session. These bills focused on four key areas: Public Policy, Appropriations, Workforce, and Military.

As campaign season has begun, voters are flooded with messages from candidates. Scorecards are a useful fact-based accountability tool that allows voters to see how their representatives voted on issues that are important to them.

Infrastructure, schools, safety, and amenities all play a crucial role in creating a community people want to live in. Without a sound public policy to support growth and improvement in these areas, a community cannot thrive. This is why Elevate maintains a full-time presence in Pierre advocating for the region’s business community.

“The scorecard helps voters and constituents understand the track records of current legislators when going to the ballot box for the upcoming primary election,” said Garth Wadsworth, senior public policy director for Elevate Rapid City. “The scores reflect legislators’ support for investments and policy changes that will help the region accommodate quality growth and support the livelihoods and opportunities in the future.”

This year, 10 of the 14 area legislators were identified as Pro-Business Champions – this means more than 90% of their votes were in line with pro-business policies.

The full scorecard, in addition to Elevate Rapid City’s public policy guide and resources, can be found here:

Elevate Rapid City will be hosting two events for the primary election. Details will soon be available at